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Services and Utilities

All utility rates in Johnston County are determined by location, and the rates vary by service provider. Utilities available in most areas of Johnston County include:

  • Water and Sewer
  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Telecommunications

Telephone and Internet

Telephone and internet services are provided by Sprint, AT&T, Spectrum, and CenturyLink.

Mail Delivery

United States Post Offices are located in all municipalities except Archers Lodge.

Police and Fire

Police protection is provided by the Sheriff’s Office as well as the municipal police forces. There are 24 fire departments and fire insurance ratings can be found here. There is countywide coordination of fire protection service provided to industry beyond the city limits.


Smithfield, Selma, Benson and Clayton have municipal electricity services. In other areas of the county, electricity is provided by Duke Energy Progress, the Electric Membership Corporation, and the South River Electric Membership Corporation.

Natural Gas

Piedmont Natural Gas operates and maintains a 10-inch natural gas main that generally traverses Johnston County from east to west. In addition to transmitting quantities of gas, numerous two-inch and four-inch laterals extend from this line to provide gas service to the towns of Benson, Clayton, Smithfield, Selma, and Wilson’s Mills.

Waste Management

Utilities that include water and wastewater services are managed by the County and independently by several County municipalities. The County has a 12 million gallon per day (mgd) surface water treatment plant and bulk water purchase agreements with public utilities in adjacent counties. The total supply capacity is 17.6 mgd. A 24” and 16” diameter pipeline network extends east/west and north/south generally tracking US Hwy. 70 and Interstate 95. The transmission network is supported by interconnecting 16” and 12” mains, 17 booster pumping stations, and 11 elevated tanks with an aggregate storage volume of 3.8 million gallons. The Towns of Benson, Clayton, Kenly, and Princeton operate separate wastewater treatment plants while the Towns of Smithfield, Selma, Pine Level, Four Oaks, and a portion of the Town of Clayton’s service areas is treated by the Central Johnston County Wastewater Treatment Plant located in Smithfield. The Central Regional Plant has a capacity of 9.5 mgd. Costs for County utility services can be obtained by directly contacting the Public Utilities Department.

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